Commercial Projects
"Hawaii Five-0" TV series principal ADR mixing "LOST" TV series principal ADR mixing
"24" TV series ADR mixing "American Hustle" ADR mixing, Bradley Cooper
"Soul Surfer" ADR mixing "Zombieland" ADR mixing, Woody Harrelson
"Baywatch Hawaii" TV series ADR mixing "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" ADR mixing and music pre-recording
"Lilo & Stitch" soundtrack recording "6 Days, 7 Nights" for Disney Studios
"Byrds of Paradise" TV series ADR mixing, Stephen Bochco Productions "Blackbeard" , Richard Chamberlain
"Surf's Up" ADR mixing, Sony Studios "Hitman" ADR mixing
"Fuel TV" Narration "Little Big League" ADR mixing
"Witch Hunt" ADR mixing, Dennis Hopper "The Songs of Six Families", Kris Kristofferson
"Scarface" video game "Santa Claus 3" ADR mixing
"Princess Kaiulani" ADR mixing and score engineering "Gossip Girl" ADR mixing
Hara Itaka Show "Real Steel" ADR mixing
"Heroes", "NCIS", "Cold Case" ADR mixing "One West Waikiki" TV series ADR mixing, Larson Productions
"Darwin's Darkest Hour" ADR mixing, Nova/PBS "Marker" TV series ADR mixing, Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Music Projects
Neil Young Wayne Brady
George Winston, producing Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Series   Jack Johnson live with Ben Harper and Willie Nelson for AOL broadcast
Alicia Keys Amy Hanaialii Gilliom
Lil Wayne Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Henry Kaiser with Richard Thompson Mariah Carey for MTV broadcast
Anri (Japan) Hawaiian Style Band
Don Ho Casiopea (Japan)
Cecilio & Kapono Tube (Japan)
The Boom (Japan) Honolulu Jazz Quartet
K.T. Sugiyama (Japan) The Colts (Japan)
Hapa Hoopi Brothers
Kealii Reichel Oshen
Shang Shang Typhoon (Japan) Seiko (Japan)
Karen Keawehawaii Ohta-san and Herb Ohta, Jr.
Jerry Byrd B'z (Japan)
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